At the core of our change management suite lies the internationally acclaimed ISO 21502 standard for project management, which serves as the foundation for all internationally recognized frameworks in this field

The benefits are immediate and tangible, as participants return with defined and planned solutions for real problems or business opportunities of their company.

Each of the three elements of the suite can be used individually. However, their true potential emerges when the elements are combined synergistically to constitute the following combinations:

  • The Initialization and Planning Package: Seamlessly integrating e-learning with real world case studies, this package sets the stage for effective project initiation and planning.
  • The Executing, Controlling, and Closing Package: Merging e-learning with a project management simulation workshop, this package equips you with mastery over project execution, control, and closure.
  • The Certification Package: Representing the pinnacle of our suite, this package harmonizes all three elements, culminating in a comprehensive certification experience.

Delve into the contents of each package to discover how they empower you.

Regardless of the package you choose, all of them have been meticulously designed to foster intrinsic motivation and build strong teams of innovators who will significantly enhance the organization’s capabilities to create value.

The CPPM certification is distinguished by its two fundamental pillars: the conceptual framework it employs and its pedagogical approach.

The conceptual framework is the international standard ISO 21502 for project management, which is the cornerstone of all recognized regulatory frameworks in this field and can be applied in all types of organizations and for all types of projects.

The pedagogical foundation is Action Learning, whose central idea revolves around the concept that learning is most effective when applied to real-world situations and concrete challenges.

The transmission of theoretical knowledge is conducted through the online course, which includes numerous exercises and culminates in a final examination.

The transformation of this knowledge into practical skills is achieved by solving a multifaceted case study as a team and managing a project using an advanced computer-based project simulation tool.

In the case of certification for a group of individuals from a company, the practical case to be solved can range from a complex problem to a business opportunity for the organization.

Discover the results and benefits for individuals and organizations on our webpage with more detailed information.

CPPM Certification

Certified Practitioner in Project Management


You possess an acute understanding of your industry and the expertise to evaluate your candidates’ skills and knowledge within your domain.

Let us guide you in assessing and quantifying the capabilities of your candidates in project management – an area where we excel.

Leverage our comprehensive knowledge and skills assessment tools to gauge a candidate’s grasp of optimal project management practices and their adeptness at applying this expertise to real-world project management scenarios.

In collaboration with our sister company, IPEx Consulting, we provide you with an evaluation service that allows you to select the most suitable candidates and also identify areas for improvement in your current team.



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