Certified Practitioner in Project Management

Your CPPM credential certifies


in Project Management

This certification course provides guidance on project management according to the international norm ISO 21502, the mother of all recognized project management frameworks. This norm can be used by any organization, be it public, private, for profit or charity, as well as for any type of project, regardless of purpose, delivery methods, life cycle model used, complexity, size, cost or duration.




Unlike other certifications, candidates need not only to follow a rigorous training class, acquiring knowledge, resolving exercises and passing a final exam.

Candidates to the CPPM certification must also demonstrate their skills to deliver project outcomes, resolving in team work a multifaceted case study and managing a project on an advanced, computer based project management simulator tool.

In a certification of a group of people from a company, the case study can be tailored, inspired by a real case of the company.

Why this is important for your career

course design

The Learnplace approach

The course is designed as a blended learning experience in a group, aiming at developing knowledge and skills to manage a project according to the international norms
ISO 21500 and ISO 21502.

The class has two phases

Phase one

It is focused on the individual acquisition of knowledge on the e-learning platform combined with interactions with the coach and the group on the collaboration platform.

Phase two

It is focused on resolving in team-work a multifaceted case study and managing a project on an advanced, computer based project management simulator tool.

Classroom mode or distant mode

Both, the case study resolution and the project management simulation workshop can be done in classroom mode or in distant mode via Zoom conferencing.

it is not the same to say
“I did a course in project management”
than to show a credential as
Certified Practitioner
in Project Management

Outcomes and benefits of the CPPM Certification


For individuals: better opportunities for attractive positions

Outcome: regardless of your career stage, the certification CPPM, Certified Practitioner in Project Management, is an asset that will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on — or with — project teams.

Benefits: better career opportunities and higher income.


For organizations: higher effectiveness and efficiency

Outcome: the knowledge gained by CPPM certified professionals enables them to manage the projects in much more efficient, robust, and smart manner when compared with their counterparts who are not CPPM certified.

Benefits: CPPM professionals save a lot of time and costs and deliver higher quality by efficient project management.

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