What is it about?

PM SkillTest is an online assessment tool which evaluates primarily the skills of project managers. It consists of 50 problems and difficult situations typically encountered during the daily project work.
The participants are asked to sort out the four possible answers, starting with the “best” solution and, hence, demonstrate their abilities to find adequate solutions for each situation.
PM SkillTest is an ideal tool to evaluate not only the knowledge, but also the competences and soft skills of project managers.

  • Standardized and proven test format;
  • Reflecting best practices of project management;
  • Short, but still significant test;
  • To be use before or after a training or for individual assessment.

Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

  • Permanent internet access.
  • Latest version of internet browsers and multimedia plug-ins.

50 questions in 90 minutes, certificate REP of the PMI.


12 months.

Target groups
  • Experienced project managers those who would like to evaluate their managerial and leadership qualities;
  • Project managers that would like to learn the strengths and weaknesses in their softs skills;
  • Companies that would like to evaluate the managerial and leadership qualities of project managers for training or other purposes.

Solid knowledge and experiences in project management.

Learning objectives

At the end of the PM SkillTest, the participants

  • have proven their managerial and leadership competences in project management.

The PM SkillTest evaluates a project manager’s ability in terms of two aspects: Project Management Skills as well as Management and Leadership Skills.

Project Management Management and Leadership
Initiating a project Communicating
Planning a project Leading
Executing a project Managing
Monitoring a project Cognitive ability
Closing a project Effectiveness
How does it work

The participant has to answer 50 situational questions. For each situation, four options (i.e. four different ways of solving the problem) are suggested. The aim is to assess the pertinence of each option and sort them in order of preference.
The test is based on the competencies required to be a project manager – not only in the execution phase of a project, but also in the initiation, planning and closing phases. Besides technical know-how, the test will also measure the soft skills needed to be a project manager.
One popular approach is to use PM SkillTest to assess the skills of project managers before and after training. This way, you can measure the progress of the participants as well as the usefulness of the training.

To perform a test: Demo version  

Price: € 75 without vat.

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Assessment tool: PM SkillTest

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