What is it about?

The e-Learning Course “Project Management IPMA Competences – ICB 4” is aligned to the IPMA Competences Baseline 4 which is the reference to the competence framework of the IPMA certification.
The e-Learning course covers all of the three competence areas of the ICB and is designed to give a solid introduction to project management tools, techniques, and skills.
An easy way to learn – self-paced and motivated!
During the time of preparation, you are accompanied by an experienced tutor who answers questions and supports you in the learning process.

  • Individually paced;
  • Interactive and endowed with numerous exercises, examples, and tests;
  • Available in different languages;
  • Supported by experienced tutor;
  • More than 400 interactive and straight to the point exercises;
  • Tests to measure how well the knowledge is acquired.

English, French, German.

  • Permanent internet access;
  • Latest version of internet browsers and multimedia plug-ins.

On average 40 hours.


12 months.

Target groups
  • Project managers who aspire for one of the four levels of the IPMA certification.

Project management experiences according to the requirements of the respective level of the IPMA certification.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will be prepared for the IPMA certification exam.


The e-learning course build up the knowledge in the three competence areas which are the foundation of any IPMA exam. The knowledge acquired with the e-learning contents help to understand the technical, behavioral and contextual competences.
The modules cover:

  • Project Framework
  • Project Start
  • Project Planning/Scheduling
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Procurement Management
  • Risk
  • Team
  • Project Execution / Control
  • Closure
  • Business Skills
  • You and your team
  • Virtual teams
  • Problem solving and negotiation
  • Time and meeting management
How does it work?

With the help of the e-learning course “Project Management IPMA Competences – ICB”, the learners acquire IPMA specific knowledge.

Price: € 781 without vat.

On the order form, please select the option: “IPMA Competences-ICB 4” + individuel telecoaching.


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