How do you ensure that the behavior of a project manager with his or her team but also with the various stakeholders is addressed during training?

During the simulation the team is confronted with many situations responding to organizational issues, managing scope changes, resolving conflicts, improving quality, all this at a peace that requires participants to determine priorities, make choices, adapt strategy.

As a leader or project manager, you lead projects and project teams, a skill that is increasingly in demand.

Have you already thought about certifying your project management competence obtaining the certification as “Project Management Professional, PMP“?

From our own experience, we know that this is a challenge for busy executives.

That’s why we have developed an extra-occupational methodology that will help you reach your PMP certification in 4 to 6 months, with:

  • an appropriate toolkit,
  • an individual and personal telecoach,
  • self-directed learning times and place.

Project Management + Teamwork

Give your employees this powerful package that makes project management and teamwork “tangible”. In order to achieve the common goal on time and in budget, they will not work side by side, but together, as a team.

Why “motivation”?

We call it a “motivational package” because the participants will be thrilled and come out of this training as a powerful team.


Your staff will acquire and deepen fundamental technical knowledge in project management and soft skills in a pleasant way. This will increase effectiveness, productivity and team spirit without disrupting your organization’s operations.



You know your job and you are certainly able to assess the knowledge and skills of your candidates for the area of application of your industry.

We can help you assess and measure the knowledge and skills of your candidates for managing projects. This is our field of expertise!

Our knowledge and skills assessment and validation tools will help determine the level of knowledge of best project management practices a candidate has as well as her/his skills, i.e. her/his ability to apply this knowledge to the management of projects.

Service performed by our sister company IPEx Consulting.


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